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Tack Mobile builds high quality mobile applications and websites for companies across the world. The website is their primary tool for attracting new clients and hosting their portfolio. With growing business and outdated content, the Tack site was due for a refresh.

The Goal

The goal of the redesign was to create a more striking visual design and showcase the agency's abilities. Secondary goals included creating a sitemap and designing reusable UI components.

Tack website sitemap

An updated sitemap for the redesigned Tack Website

Updated Sitemap

The website was redesigned from the ground up, meaning a high level sitemap was needed to understand the scope of the work. The sitemap also helped our marketing team track links in Google Analytics to better inform future design decisions.

Tack website components

Some of the components available to our copywriting team

Design Components

With the addition of so many new sections, copywriters wanted the ability to drop in interactive components to break up large blocks of copy. To achieve this, our design team created a library of UI components that allowed for more interesting engagement with the content.

Tack website old and new comparison

The old work section (left) and updated version (right)

Updated Work Section

The old work section of the Tack website wasted space at the top of the page with text and did not provide efficient space for the actual work. The updated section dedicates full screen real estate for each project while allowing for room for a brief explanation.

Tack website work section

Individual work pages

Final Thoughts

A redesign is always an exciting opportunity as it offers the ability to compare the two sites objectively and subjectively. From an analytics standpoint, the website was successful in increasing SEO rankings and clickthrough rates. The Tack team credits this success to our focus on appropriate structure and engaging, interactive content. From a visual standpoint, our team feels our dark UI is more visually striking and helps to put the focus on the work itself. Overall, the site redesign was a success and the Tack team is eager to see what exciting work it leads to.