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Mar 2021 – Jul 2022

PN Media is an advertising technology company that services major ad agencies and brands such as IPG, McCann, Uber and Bumble. The founder of PN came to me at the beginning of the firm's career, in need of a logo for the company's invoicing platform. Four years and more than 20 employees later, I have continued to work with PN to design digital marketing materials such as Powerpoint decks, Instagram content, a website, company swag, and gifts such as a mugs and clothing.

What I Did

  • Designed the PN Media logo
  • Created a design system to define the brand and digital strategy
  • Developed a modern, visually-appealing website
  • Designed Instagram templates that can be reused quickly and easily

Primary Font

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Logo Variations

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PN Media logo

Design System

Paula Novacki, owner of PN Media, explained to me that she wanted her logo to be "simple and bold." She preferred a sans serif, text-based font that could be simplified if needed for smaller screens and print materials. What we ended up with fit Paula's specs and has been proudly displayed on everything from social media accounts to marketing swag.

The color palette included a primary brand purple along with a simple set of grayscale values. A secondary green/blue color offered variety when designing for Instagram and other online graphics.

The Montserrat font was selected for its high contrast and bold, sharp look. The three selected font weights allow for a wide variety of different styles and reduce the need for an additional font family.

pn website


The main objectives of the website were to explain PN Media's mission, highlight the brand identity, feature the company's Instagram feed, and provide a quick and easy contact form. Part of this process was assessing other agency websites and understanding what worked well and what could be improved. Paula and I also spoke with some of her current clients to understand if and how they choose an agency based on their website.

The final product is clear and concise in its copy and structure, and follows the established brand identity icon/closely. Information about PN Media is easy to find, and multiple ways to find out more about the agency are presented across the site.

pn design components


After the core components of the brand were established, I turned my focus to Instagram. With a new design system and brand guidelines, posts were easily designed to fit the same bold style as the website. Figma components allowed me to design posts quickly by creating a library of patterns, backgrounds, and text decorations.

Final Thoughts

Working with a new brand offered me the opportunity to give PN Media a unique and bold voice in a very competitive industry. Since establishing the brand, PN has secured hundreds of new clients and frequently receives positive feedback on their online presence. I feel fortunate that opportunities like this allow me to utilize my “jack of all trades” design skill set.