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Altra PDP Design


UI/UX Designer


Jul 2023 – Dec 2023

Altra produces innovative running shoes that encourage natural foot movement and body positioning. Altra's product description page (PDP) did little to explain the unique advantages of their shoes and users wondered why they would choose Altra over another brand. I redesigned the PDP to highlight Altra's benefits and incorporate their brand voice more effectively.

What I Did

  • Conducted research to understand users' expectations of a running shoe PDP
  • Redesigned the PDP utilizing new and existing brand styles
  • Built prototypes for user testing and more efficient developer handoff
altra pdp old

Old Altra PDP (June 2023)


User Testing Insights

Through user tests I was able to hear directly from runners and understand what was and wasn't working with the original PDP. I identified the following key issues:

  • 👎 Long blocks of text

    Users were unlikely to read the lengthy description and long list of details. Scanning for key words and glancing at small sections was preferred.

  • 👎 Poor identification of shoe type

    Users were unable to quickly find the shoe's intended use. Some users didn't feel confident in their purchase unless they did more research on their own.

  • 👎 Lack of lifestyle images

    Users appreciated Altra's detailed, closeup imagery but wanted to see images of the shoes in the wild on runners' feet. This helps understand the look of the shoe more naturally.

  • 👎 No explanation of the Altra Difference

    Altra was missing an opportunity to highlight what made their shoes different: a wide toe box and zero or low drop. Users struggled to identify this and weren't convinced that Altra would be superior to other brands.


Competitive Analysis

In addition to user research, I took a look at competitors to understand industry best-practices and user expectations. Below are some of the key features that were consistently seen on successful industry pages.

  • ✅ Use of iconography

    Icons are used extensively to enhance blocks of copy. Some are helpful and descriptive, while others are slightly arbitrary and are simply used for visual interest.

  • ✅ Pairing features with images

    Many of Altra's competitors do a great job of showing the features of the shoe, rather than just talking about them.

  • ✅ Use of charts and infographics

    Charts, meters, and infographics are used to help users understand a shoe's characteristics. Cushion was identified as a key spec that users seek out.

  • ✅ Shorter, more digestible blocks of text

    Standout competitors used far fewer words in their main sections than Altra. Expand/collapse elements and anchor tags were used to tuck away larger blocks of text.

pdp competitor screens

A few content blocks from competitors (On, Hoka, Salomon, Brooks)


Desiging for User Needs

Additional rounds of user testing during the design phase allowed for rapid iteration and detailed feedback. Close colloboration with the brand also allowed for a smooth workflow across teams and resulted in the following key features

1. Collapse non-essential information

Expandable previews and panels encourage deeper engagement without cluttering main sections.

expand collapse UI

2. Utilize imagery below the fold

People like pictures! And with the addition of lifestyle imagery and infographic sections Altra is able to tell a more effective story.

altra pdp sections

3. Pair Small blocks of copy with icons

Short sentences and straight-forward language prevail over long, jargon-filled paragraphs.

feature block

4. Identify intended use

A simple addition with a big impact. Small labels are placed as high as possible on the page to summarize what the shoe is used for.

intended use labels


Full Mockups

trail shoe mockup
road shoe mockup
apparel mockup


An Impactful Redesign

Subsequent user tests on the final design resulted in a positive sentiment from users who felt that Altra's PDP gave them all the information they needed and competed with other top running companies. Analytics are also closely being monitored and will trigger any further work in the future. I am thankful to have been able to work with this innovative brand and all the team members who helped champion the UX improvements on this page.