Garmin Pilot Redesign

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Garmin Pilot is an interactive flight app packed with features to utilize before and during flights. A key feature of the app is flight planning, which allows pilots to use a map to find the most efficient route to their destination.

The original map design and interactions were out of date and intimidating for novice pilots. Myself and a team at Tack Mobile redesigned the UI and created an interactive prototype to represent our vision of Garmin's potential future.

Updated Interface

The focus of the updated design was to be easy-to-read and consistent. Larger tap areas, enhanced contrast, consistent typography, and updated icons all contributed to improving the overall look and feel of the app.

Enhanced Waypoint Searching and Editing

The waypoints feature in the app allows pilots to create their own route or find the most efficient one. The updated UI and interactions allow pilots to more easily locate and rearrange waypoints.

Flight Plan UI

Quick access to the flight plan is an essential feature of the app. We maintained two ways to access the flight plan, with one being a more detailed view that allows for editing waypoints and another that is less obstructive and intended for in-flight use.