2018 Midterm Elections

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The 2018 midterm elections were some of the most closely tracked in recent memory, and USA Today users looked to the elections section to stay up to date on polls, read relevant articles, and gather up-to-the-minute results on election night.

As lead designer, I was responsible for designing a UI that represented the USA Today brand while allowing for consistent, easily scannable results. This process also involved working closely with developers to optimize any assets that needed to load onto the page and establishing various loading and error states.

National Results

The national results section provived a high level look at results across the country. Along with the results map, a balance of power chart and smaller results widgets were designed and could be reused across the site.

State Results

The designs for the state results pages were similar to the national results in an effort to reuse components, improve page speed, and create visual consistency. The UI also allowed users to easily jump to different districts, as many users are only interested in their region.