2018 Midterm Elections

USA Today

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The Opportunity

The 2018 midterm elections were some of the most contentious in recent memory, and USA Today users looked to our site to stay up to date on polls, read relevant articles, and gather up-to-the-minute results on election night.

The Solution

Tables, charts, and graphs that translated a wide range of highly complex elections data


As the lead designer on the project, I had to ensure that the UI not only matched the USA Today brand, but also was consistent and flowed in a coherent way. Since this data was dynamic, I also had to ensure that my modules would support many different states (runoffs, no results, special elections, etc.). Finally, as these pages were very data-heavy, load times and technical limitations also had to be considered.


The elections project consisted of many different teams including product, development, and marketing. With each team came different goals and challenges, and I had to consider a wide variety of acceptance criteria while designing. With strong leadership and communication, we were able to exceed the expectations of our stakeholders and users and laid the foundation for future elections coverage on our platforms.

National Results

State Results