Catch Up Feature

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The Opportunity

The USA Today native app serves thousands of loyal users a day, but many don't always have the time to read full articles and simply want to get caught up on the news.

The Solution

An easily-scannable module that bundles the day's top stories


The module, named Catch Up, allows users to see the first paragraph of an article, but quickly swipe to another top story. Users that are in a hurry are able to get a summary of the news, while more committed users can click into the articles and navigate through stories as they normally would.


This project helped me understand that not all users are coming to USA Today for the same reasons. Supporting multiple use cases in my designs allows a wide variety of users to gain more value out of the USA Today mobile app. I also was reminded of the importance of prototyping my designs and explaining my vision clearly to developers. Without tight, smooth swiping interactions and proper object origins the module may not have provided as positive of an experience.

Interactive Prototype

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